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Adderley has been involved in the design implementation and servicing of many different processes since 1995. Consequently Adderley maintains a leading role in the supply and maintenance of a wide range of specialist equipment for the monitoring, control and recording of systems. Focused on quality of performance Adderley represents a number of experienced and preferred equipment manufacturers. There is continuous review of equipment performance and customer training.

Company policy is to provide superior customer service through effective communication and longterm business methods. Our customer-base includes the largest of organisations down to small successful operations.

Adderley, as a distributor, welcomes enquiries from resellers as well as end-users. We are well equipped with all the software and hardware tools for providing the manufacturers' service and repair support.

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If there is a need for monitoring of a process, Adderley can assist you in finding a solution for the selection of the instrumentation and control needs. This can be blended with our experience in project management including design, supply and service.

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