Hydrostatic Level Measurement

FMX160_150 FMX167_150 PMP55_150
Hydrostatic Level Measurement Pressure sensor
The hydrostatic pressure sensor is used for the following measuring tasks:
• Hydrostatic pressure measurement in liquids and paste media in all areas of process engineering, process measuring technology, pharmaceuticals and the food industries
• Level, volume or mass measurements in liquids
Your Benefits
• Very good reproducibility and long-term stability
• CONTITE™, Ceramic or metal measuring cell
• Hermetically sealed CONTITE™ measuring cell has the benefits:
– Condensate and climatic proofed
– High reference accuracy: ±0.1%
– Minimum temperature effects
• HistoROM®/M-DAT memory module
• Function-monitored from the measuring cell to the electronics
• Continuous modularity for differential pressure,
hydrostatic and pressure (Deltabar S – Deltapilot S –
Cerabar S), e.g.
– replaceable display
– universal electronic
• Quick commissioning thanks to quick setup menus
• Easy and safe menu-guided operation on-site, via 4 to 20 mA with HART, PROFIBUS PA or via FOUNDATION Fieldbus
• Extensive diagnostic functions

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