Vibronic level detection

FTL50H_150 FTL330L_150 FTM31S_150
Vibronic point level detection in liquids and solids
Some of the available options are highlighted below.

Typical applications
Replaces existing mechanical detection and is suitable when conductivity, air bubbles, build up and turbulence prevents other technologies from being used.

They are used in cleaning and filtering systems, coolant and lubricant tanks


Operational safety, reliability and universal applicability through use of the tuning fork measuring principle

  • External test option using test magnet
  • On-site control using external LED display
  • Easy to install even at points difficult to access due to compact construction
  • Rugged stainless steel housing (316L)
  • Service-friendly plug-in connections
  • Build-up resitant
  • SIL, Ex, Hygienic approvals optional

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