Ultrasonic Flowmeters

PROline prosonic flow 90/93 W/U/C
Flow Rate Measuring for Standard Applications with Drinking Water, Wastewater and Process Water
Your benefits
W and U Clamp On version:
• Non-invasive measurement from outside
• Easy and low-cost mounting
• Large nominal diameter range
– U Clamp On: DN 15…100
– W Clamp On: DN 50…4000
W Insertion version:
• Short inlet runs with dual path measurement
• DN 200…4000 single path
• DN 400…4000 dual path measurement
C Inline version:
• High accuracy
• Traceably calibrated
• DN 300…2000
• 90 and 93 in protected wall-mount housing in IP 67
• “Quick Setup” menus for easy commissioning
• Interfaces:
– HART standard (90/93)
– PROFIBUS PA (90/93)
– FOUNDATION Fieldbus (93)
The W, U and C sensors are perfectly
suited to bidirectional measurement of
pure or slightly contaminated liquids with a gas content < 1 % or a solids content < 5 %.
Application examples:
• Ultrapure water with low conductivity, drinking water, wastewater etc.
W and U Clamp On version:
• Ideal for retrofitting, installation
possible without interrupting process
• Suitable for all acoustically transmissive pipes and homogeneous fluids.
W Insertion version:
• For use on weldable pipes, also with
• For applications with short inlet runs.
C Inline version:
• Where guaranteed and verifiable
accuracy is demanded.
• Where traceability is a requirement.

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