Guided Radar

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Levelflex Radar
Smart Transmitter for continuous and contact level measurement.
Suitable for hazardous locations.

Level measurement
Continuous level measurement of powdery to granular bulk solids e.g. plastic granulate and liquids.

  • Measurement independent of density or bulk weight, conductivity, dielectric constant, temperature and dust e.g. during pneumatic filling.
  • Measurement is also possible in the event of foam or if the surface is very turbulent.
  • Application in safety related systems (overspill protection) with requirements for functional safety up to SIL 2 in accordance with IEC 61508/IEC 61511-1.

Interface measurement
Continuous measurement of interfaces between two liquids with very different dielectric constants, such as in the case of oil and water for example.

  • Measurement independent of density, conductivity and temperature.
  • Electronics version for the simultaneous measurement of the level of interfaces and the total level in liquids.
Your benefits

  • Rope, rod or coaxial probes depending on the application.
  • With coax probes the measurement is independent of internals in the tank and of the installation in the nozzle.Probe rod and probe rope can be replaced/shortened.
  • Simple, menu-guided onsite operation with four-line plain text display.Onsite envelope curve on the display for easy diagnosis.Easy remote operation, diagnosis and measuring point documentation with the free operating program supplied.
  • Optional remote display and operation.
  • Standard communication protocols such as HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus for system integration.


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