RTD Thermometer

RTD Thermometer
omnigrad TST40N

Contact thermometer – Fast response
M.I. cable
Threaded process connection and extension neck
With TIG welded reinforcing tube

TST40N RTD thermometer assembly is a resistance thermometer with threaded process connection and a very short response time. It includes a single or double Pt100 inset, in mineral insulated cable, directly in contact with the process, a TIG welded reinforcing tube, a terminal head and a threaded process connection.
The Pt100 inset is available either with flying leads for head transmitter mounting or with terminal block. RTD can be selected between standard or glass type (for high vibration level application). The reinforcing tube, the immersion and extension lengths can be chosen according to process requirements. A wide choice of standard threaded process connections and terminal heads is available; other versions can be ordered according to specifications.
TST40N RTD thermometer is a general
purpose assembly suitable for liquids
and gases.

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