Coriolis Mass Flow

Promass Coriolis Mass Flow Measuring System
Mass, volumetric and normalised volumetric measurement for any application including custody transfer procedures

Some of the available options are highlighted below.

Flexible system
• Wide choice of materials for process connections and measuring pipes, compatible to the medium
• Simple installation
• Transmitter housing can be rotated to fit the orientation

Measured variables can include
•Volume / normalised(corrected) volume

Safe operation
• Self-emptying measuring pipes
• Secondary containment vessel as standard
• High electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
• Self-monitoring with alarm function
• EEPROM stores data on power failure (no batteries required)
• ISO 9001 manufacturer, quality assured

Accurate measurement
• Mass and volumetric measurement within verifiable limits of error
• 20:1 operable flow range with verified instruments (Qmin / Qmax)
• Excellent repeatability

Easy to operate
• Menu-driven dialogue for all parameters
• Two-line illuminated display
• Touch Control: remote operation without special equipment (protection not violated)

Install anywhere
• National approvals (PTB, NMi) for verifiable measurement of:
– Liquids other than water
– Combustible gases >100 bar
• Custody transfer totaliser and pulse output (phase shifted double pulse)
• Compact design
• Insensitive to plant vibration
• Rugged and shock-proof surfaces resistant to acids and alkalis
• IP 67 protection for compact and remote versions
• Measurement independent of fluid characteristics

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