Vortex Flow Measurement

Vortex Flow Measuring System
Proline Prowirl F 200
Reliable Flow Measurement of Gas, Steam and Liquids

For measuring the volume flow of steam, gases and liquids. They have been particularly popular in measuring steam to monitor energy usage.

For utility and process applications in the chemical, petrochemical, power and district heating industries and in many other branches.

Your benefits
• Proven capacitive sensor (installed base > 100,000)
• Immune to:
– Vibrations (over 1 g in all axes)
– Temperature shocks (> 150 K/s)
– Dirty media
– Water hammer
• Process temp. range –200…+400 °C
• Universal:
– Compact or remote version
• Connection to all common systems:
• Galvanically isolated pulse output available (for alarm, limit value etc.).
• Permanent self-monitoring and diagnosis of electronics and sensor.
• Correction of diameter mismatch.
• No maintenance, no moving parts, no zero-point drift.
• Lifetime sensor calibration
• Heartbeat technology

Points of interest

• The Prowirl F 200 has the option of a built in temperature and pressure sensor with a flow computer to calculate the energy embedded in the measured fluid.
• No minimum conductivity required so perfect for volumetric measurement of condensate

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