Radiometric Level Measurement

Radiometric Measurement
FMG60 scintillation detectors
Non-contact, non-invasive measurement
Highest sensitivity with lowest source strength
Suitable for use in explosion hazardous areas
The Gammapilot FMG60 is used with a radiometric source in a container for level, density or interface layer measurement as well as for limit level detection. It is available in several lengths and is specially equipped for the application at hand.
Features and Benefits
• Non-contact, non-invasive and reliable measurement independent of changing process conditions such as pressure, temperature, viscosity, corrosion or fittings such as stirrers
• Highest sensitivity with the lowest source activities: requires a much smaller dose rate than point scintillators or ionisation chambers, but still guarantees excellent statistical accuracy, even for short time constants
• Active self-monitoring by reference measurement provides measurement security and ageing compensation
• Robust, withstands vibration
• Lengths from 100 mm for limit detection and density measurement to 2000 mm for level measurement, longer lengths possible with multiple units
• No requirement for special cabling, two-core cable is sufficient!
• RFI given by redundant digital signal transmission (plausibility check)
• Backed up by many years experience: over 10000 units successfully measuring in all branches of industry

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